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“I have the pleasure to announce you that a team of jurors led by Ken Light has selected your work submitted to the 14th Pollux Awards, as worthy for exhibition.”

Due to Covid19 the gallery had to close, but fortunately they reopened 10th of September until the 11th of October 2020.

“Wat een prachtige foto!! De lichtvoetigheid en balans in één, erg mooi!” Marjolein


In 2020 I participated in the Concours PhotoMontier for the first time, and two of my photos made it to the ultimate jury.

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This means: out of the 21,641 photos that were competing with my photos were among 3,352 that were “considered seriously” to make a chance to win. Unfortunately I was in the category wild mammals in nature with 672 others competing for 14 “winners” Photographers from 92 nations competed and the images were stunning. Applause for the winners!

I also sent two “series of photos” to the Dutch photographer of the year competition, and there I also made it to the final jury.

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It was the first time someone saw these series. One series is called “My ode to Fred Hazelhoff” and focuses on one species, fallow deer, in different seasons in the same area, but now mostly females were photographed. Fred Hazelhoff was famous for his photos of male deer. I hoped the images were sufficiently strong, and I think they are but also here, the competition is fierce. But they made it to the final jury.

Building a network around the Balcony Safari project

While photographing wildlife on and from the Balcony I need sometimes to check with experts

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to know what I should read to understand more about the wild creatures around us and their environment. It’s only if you start to look and think that you realize how hard we need research and careful observers. I have contacted several experts who sometimes do similar analyses that I have been doing for so many years, only they analyze birds or insects and I analyze humans. I will make a list of experts and a list of more than 30 bird species that I’ve seen so far around our balcony. In due course I’ll put them on my site. Moreover, I’ll publish a literature list, and highlight some books that I recommend dearly.
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