If you have questions about the Balcony safari project, if you like to publish about the project, or you would like me to talk or write about the project, I’m all ears. I decided to use English while making this website, but please write to me in Dutch, German, English, Italian or French, whatever of these languages is easiest for you.

I’m now preparing the book that will go with this project and I have designed a selection of postcards on the Balcony safari theme, If you are interested in products and/or lectures or presentations based on my “local but universal” images, for example a calendar for your clients, patients or family or if you are an organization looking for “new ways” of integrating immigrants, I certainly have ideas and skills to launch projects on nature and immigrants.

I’m not familiar yet with the Swiss market for magazines and newspapers, but please let me know if you’d like me to write a story (or you know someone who would) related to this project. I’m also interested to write a column, to edit a special issue, to present the project. There are different angles for stories, and I’m a fast writer if I’m passionate about something!

And of course, dear neighbors and everyone really, let me know if you see an interesting wild creature in your neighborhood!

Thank you for reading!

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